Nicholas takes us on a journey with acoustic guitar melodies and his simple, free vocal voice

Memento’s latest album tells about his new beginnings in different places, discovering himself as a singer, discovering romance in his life, and engaging in serious dealings to deal with his past.

We can explore this clearly in the four paths that he created himself
And how do I choose the names of the songs to express what’s inside?
The album tells stories from his real-life about how to deal with himself to overcome the past, which causes some problems for him, and how he got out of that, which is an honest and terrible expression when you talk about such things, especially if you are still feeling pain
Nicholas is an artist who simulates his own reality and he has gone through a lot during his destructive relationship to avoid many mistakes to make himself surrounded by love and peace just because he doesn’t want any the toxic relationships
He is looking for love and honesty around him and he is trying with all his might to hand this with a clear vision and sincere expressions
The album consists of four folk songs devoid of drum rhythms that show his voice as a singer more, and it is a clear message to get you in the same situation that the singer was in when he performed it, and the songs are available on his music platforms
And the inspiration came when he moved to his new position in Swansea
Nicholas recorded all his songs at home using a guitar and recording equipment, and this is clear in the sound, but it conveys the feeling as it should
He has participated in some concerts and gatherings such as Lakefest, Underground Festival, Wychwood Festival, Croeso Festival 2022
He also explained that one of the main influences on him to go through experiences such as these are: Biffy Clyro, Death Cab for Cutie, Noah and the Whale
This shows the depth of thinking that reaches him
We hope that he creates more songs to simulate his life with more quality and recordings with different musicians to discover in himself more and more.

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