From Portland, United States the 4 piece band “Red Bird” kicks off the year with the release of their debut full album “Live It All” on the 13th of January. Their harmony and chemistry roots from years of collaboration between vocalist Bre Gregg and guitarist Dan Gildea joined by the groove beasts Jeff Langston on bass and Charlie Doggett on drums. They are a soul band with elements of blues, rock and funk added to the mix creating their own unique and distinct sound.

“Live It All” takes the listener on a literal lyrical journey of living it all. With themes about difficult and frustrating relationships and finding meaning in life. With a glimpse of hope in the last few tracks, the album takes a more optimistic theme of self pride, self love, self discovery and changing for the better.

Bre’s amazing, soulful and flawless voice is going to stun you making it impossible to skip any song. It’s an instant charm I have never felt before, while her ability to hit every high and low note perfectly will leave you speechless. The melodic and groovy guitar lines complete the picture while complementing the magnificent melody section. Backed by groovy and dynamic bass and drum lines that keep everything intact, the listener is forced to groove and dance to the euphoric experience. It is a well-written and composed piece of art that displays the band’s harmony and synergy that encourages the listener to attend their shows and have the experience of a lifetime. Featuring the incredible Hammond organ talent of Steve Swatkins and Beth Wood’s amazing backing vocals, these two are an excellent addition to the album’s sound and add depth to the overall atmosphere. “Live It All” is a hell of a way to start the year and it will stay with me for a long time.