Passed times never can be reversed, and that is what every human being is convinced of. But bringing back the times never was meant to exact hours or places, but vibes. Feelings we share and vibes we enjoy! Era’s where you believe you were happier back then. 

There are no time machines in our time that scientists offered, but musicians did!.. Music is the only time machine humanity possesses, a music genre is always attached to a certain period of time that defines and choreographs the experience.

A re-production of vibes occurred by David A with releasing “Lit” in a mesmerizing 80s vibe and a wonderful musical journey.


From Florida, USA the musician David A releases his full-length album titled “Lit” in a rocking vibe throwing you back in time for a glimpse.

Lit” is a 10-track album that enhances the rock-n-roll genre and reminds people of the rock n’ roll classic vibe, the artist claims that people forgot to rock n’ roll and this album grants them the rocking soul.

The album has a unique signature carrying a theme through the ages with the true rocking spirit David A’s vocals possess, a fusion of those hard vocals along with the rocking guitar riffs that engulf the album with the true soul of rock.

With the help of some great musicians in some of the tracks, David A  enjoyed sharing the recording with guitarist George Harris and bassist Robert Wegmann, and drummer Angelo Collura which added great musical depth to the album.

“Lit” is a contemporary piece with the overall theme of the past in a time machine vibe.

Listen or purchase “Lit” on Bandcamp, Spotify, or Apple iTunes.