American musical duo Red Mountain Revolt released a climactic rock album on the 24th of November titled “Like a Loaded Gun”…full of 90s epic riffs, beats, and power, this album proves that rock is alive and doing excellent.

The New Jersey duo takes on the weight of doing every single thing on their music, from playing the instruments, to recording, to mixing and mastering…Red Mountain Revolt does everything with their own hands…and that shows in the attention to details, energy and soaring performances across the album….speaking of the duo…they are…

Kyle Merritts – Bassist / Keyboard / Lead and backing vocals

Christian Nevi – Guitarist / Drummer / Lead and backing vocals

With an impressive 12 song tracklist, filled with many unique melodies, riffs, beats and powerful performances…Red Mountain Revolt really nails the epic sounds of the 90s while adding a cutting-edge modern twist on it.

They kick off their album on a pretty explosive scale with “I’ve Tried”, a powerful entry to the album, really setting the expectations that these guys know what they’re doing and they’re going to deliver some powerful and mind-blowing stuff…and they do.

While “I’ve Tried” shares a lot of 90s rock DNA, from wide and aggressive sounding guitar riffs…to powerful drum beats, huge bass lines, guitar solos and soaring vocals…the album actually has a lot of musical variety to it…

….”Dysfunctional” takes a more progressive ballad kind of direction, even with some experimental elements that shine quite bright near the end of it’s runtime…this is a song that starts on a soft and melodic point, then keeps building up till it really explodes musically in a brilliant way.

“Like a Loaded Gun” keeps the energy fresh with each and every song you experience…and even has many flavors of one thing…for example, the aggressive guitar riffs of “Shades of You” feels like they have some kind of edge to it, while the riffs of “But You’re Gone”, while still sounding huge, takes a different tone to its power…it’s a more controlled kind of aggressiveness….and this changes to the tone and performance of the guitars really elevate the experience of the album, it always keeps things fresh, not just from an energy point of view…but even on a tonal level….and this is something not many bands manage to achieve.

Red Mountain Revolt is all about power and they are able to deliver this power in many tones, flavors, speeds, and shapes…it’s clear as day in their album “Like a Loaded Gun” and you can easily feel it from one song to the other.

“Like a Loaded Gun” is 90s rock on steroids, bigger than ever, powerful than ever…filled to the brim with unleashed powerful sounds and performances…this is an album not to be missed.

Make sure you check out Red Mountain Revolt’s “Like a Loaded Gun” right away…actually…go, right now…and get ready to rumble.

We wish the musical duo all the best in life, can’t wait to hear more of what to come…we’re sure it’s going to be brilliant.