This album is for the romantics and those who like to pretend they aren’t. A fusion of Blues, Soul Rock and Bluegrass, these songs all have something in common: they transfer this tranquillity and reassuring feeling.

The San Diego-based band has released a new set of 10 songs that clocks less than 40 minutes.

“When the Battle Is Over” is the first song on the album. It can only be described as this energetic and uplifting piece. Combining male and female vocals creates a balance of dynamics and sounds, adding a fun, conversation-like storytelling structure.

“I Wish It Would Rain” is the fourth song. It is a more mellow song that shows the dreamy and tender side. The vocals are accompanied at times by an armonica, at other times by a keyboard.

“Higher and Higher” is the closing song of the whole album. Starting out with a fade-in sound of music, then vocals, then chorus, going indeed higher and higher, telling the story of how good, healthy love can lift someone the singer higher and higher.

A beautiful, elegant way to end and straighten things out in this beautiful journey of love.

The whole album could easily be the official soundtrack of any multi-award 60s-70s rom-com film. There is a song for everyone on this album: for the cheerful, for the nostalgic souls, for the passionate… every piece has a story and a lesson to share, a different composition that adds its own character to the whole compilation.

Whether in the shower, in the car, commuting, studying, or working, this album is a safe guarantee to inspire you to blast the music off your speakers and sing your lungs out.

Curated by the multiple Grammy Award-winning producer Chris Goldsmith, Let’s Straighten It Out! was recorded in only five jam-packed days. “Mostly-live” versions of carefully curated love-themed songs that made a mark when they were initially released and still feel relevant today.

The presence of the nine-artists-formed band is as elegant, beautiful, and diverse as their instrumentation composition and music style.

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