Sometimes it feels satisfying to break some sort of stereotype for many people and make them go against themselves, but with proof. And the proof is a stereo flaming rocking album titled “Leaving With The Halflight that will be released on March 31st 2023 by the Australian solo project “Raising Ravens that is created by a powerhouse female vocalist who swishes away the dust off your ears “Jess Finlayson”. 

The album is emotionally intense, Jess wrote the music professionally and used great chords and melodies in their music that stick to your brain before your ears.

Leaving With The Halflight” is a solo project but Jess recorded with other musicians such as: Tora Doyle (Bass), Andi Dyson (Drums),  Lara Chrystal (Drums)  & Scott Bradbury (Drums).

The album begins with a heavy riff, that descends musically track by track until the heaviness fades out by the final track “Live by Your Own Light”.

Jess’s vocals are like the effect of the colour red on human beings through her power strong vocals that grant you energy as if you swallowed some Red Bull and got yourself some wings.

As much as the vocals were the man of the game, guitars really entertain here with head-banging riffs and emotional  connection with the tracks.

Leaving With The Halflight” is a heavy rocking ballad that enjoys wild vocals, heavy riffs and solid drums. Using highly engaging tones and lyrics that quickly penetrate through your music and settles itself. Sounding a bit harder rocking pop that lacks solos and guitar melodic licks.

Stages are yearning for the Australian rockstars, and that’s why they have a tour coming up in Australia, Uk and the USA starting on the 31st of March, the same date as the date of release.

Enjoy the album live on the end of march to begin again with the fine melodies of “Raisng Ravens” and until it’s released, book your tickets for the gigs and play the latest tracks by “Raising Ravens”.