Alexander Cabezas

¡BAS! is a Miami, Florida based producer/DJ/ musician with an urge to create good music freely without binding himself into a genre and this shows clearly in his first record “Layers of ¡BAS!” that we’ll be reviewing today.

“Layers of ¡BAS!” is a versatile record that mixes a lot of influences freely with no strings attached in a purely creative process. ¡BAS! has a way of creating upbeat moving tunes either by mixing groovy guitars with electronic beats as we can hear in the hyper opener “Own Time” which has a lot of energy with that dynamic groovy riff and bass over an electronic beat or by using a purely electronic approach as we can hear on “My House” and “Right Reasons” that have a super dynamic structure and groovy earworm beats with the latter having multiple vocals that gave it a different texture. Using funk was another tool that ¡BAS! used perfectly in creating hype and you can hear this in “Soul” with its cool funky guitar melodies, “Zone” with its funky bass and beat mixed with some Hendrix like guitar melodies and nice keys, and “Bring the Funk” with its dynamic structure and mix of funky guitars, bass, trumpets, and 100% fitting effects and beats that elevated the mood. Upbeat songs are not ¡BAS!’s only focus as the record has some chilling mellow good tunes too. Starting with “Soul” with its nicely layered clean guitars over a groovy beat and on “Roll On” with its dreamy, sunny morning vibes and lovely melody. While “Navigate (feat. Jonny Se)” took another approach as ¡BAS! used subtle melodies and beats to give its fluid vocal melody some space, “For You” kept the chilling mood going with relaxing guitar work and chilling vocal melody, and “Nightride DUB” with interesting effects experimentation pushing his sound boundaries. ¡BAS! decided to shake things off and end the record on a high note with “Funk-U-Later”, retrieving his refreshing funk elements creating a rocking intro that moves into a groovy verse and progresses until it explodes into a hyper moving tune that’ll send you off your seat.

“Layers of ¡BAS!” is a perfect name for this record, it has so many layers and music approaches all fused into one complete creative sound. It’s a journey through various sounds and compositions that says a lot about what ¡BAS! has to offer and will leave you wondering where can he go next. Looking forward for more, cheers!