Knoxville, Tennessee-based artist Hifidriveby starts 2024 on a strong note with his latest album “It’s an Excuse to Touch Your Finger”…an indie pop rock journey that spans 10 songs filled with memorable melodies, diverse emotions, and a unique musical presence.

Starting out slow and moody with “These perseverated thoughts are getting old”…Hifidriveby takes us from our hands and guides us through the first steps on this journey…it’s looking colorful, moody, fuzzy, and loosely ambient…you’ll know later that ambient is not really a big part of what’s to come…actually, starting from the second song “Kingston”, Hifidriveby puts their foot on the pedal and unleashes some energetic and memorable songs, including “Elephant”, which has a bouncy and groovy feeling to it and “Gene Kelly” which is quite powerful and filled with some punk-ish attitude, rocking hard.

Hifidriveby continues the journey on a powerful note with “Velleity”, akin to 80s heavy rock hits, the song hits us with a pretty iconic guitar riff that is absolutely contagious…

“What comes after” marks a unique shift in the beat section where it has a pretty unusual drum beat that basically caught our ears…it’s like a rhythmic hook, a very nice touch, and a very refreshing turn of musical events within the album…with all the diversity put into: It’s an excuse to touch your finger”, Hifidriveby maintains the musical charisma and melodic presence across all songs.

Finishing this musical journey off, Hifidriveby takes us on the last stop of the album…”Histrionics”…with the unique microphone vocal effect and a strumming guitar, Hifidriveby manages to capture our ears and hearts throughout every second of this song, with its simple melodic approach it’s memorable and impactful…that’s actually what needs to be said for the whole album…simple, reaches the heart with a powerful impact.

We wish all the best to Hifidriveby and hope 2024 would prove an excellent year full of success in both the music life and private life.