Rage conquers all over the vibe, and power that is consumed is thrown back at you once again, thanks to the punk band ‘The Bare Minimum’ with their latest album release titled ‘Is A Gateway Drug’.

From Toronto, Canada the Melodic Punk Rock band titled ‘The Bare Minimum’ -formed of four guys who are into skating as well as Punk music- are 

  • Gam Gray – Vocals/Guitar
  • Donnie Hopper – Bass 
  • Mick Hutchinson – Lead Guitar
  • Chris Nickolaidis – Drums

The album features heavy riffs and high-edge melodies and sharp angry vocals that matched the vibe of the album.

‘Is A Gateway Drug’ is an alive hardcore punk record that begins with some heavy guitar riffs and fast pace drums that force you to bang your head along.

The record contains 13 tracks, of which the band previously released 6 songs as teasers for the release. But the 13 tracks sound close to each others in tone, as if the chords were unified but with the tremolo picking adding it completely made it an out-of-the-world record.

Vocals are powerful and energetic with a rage vibe conquering the whole scene, a thing that could’ve altered in the track with melodic singing, unless it’s for PUNKY reasons.

If you were wondering if punk was dead or is it still alive, ‘The Bare Minimum’ brought it back to life with their own hands through writing melodies or lyrics. And they’re old school and depend on the raw sound of music with high-edge melodies and riffs that burst into your ears making you bang your head as quick as the music’s tempo.

Play ‘Is A Gateway Drug’ if you were a punk rock fan who was heavily influenced by Tony Hawk’s skating skills, and if you weren’t play it cause you might be a punk skater!