The ep kicks in with “When I Call You” which has a slow, intimidating intro but don’t let it fool you, this song progresses into an upbeat, dynamic tune with lovely guitar melodies and extremely energetic drumline, it has an interesting structure and neat layering all topped by the vocal melody with its smooth transitions, great choice for an opener. “Some Kind of Crazy” comes next, starts with some off-beat drums, the guitar is giving the drums and vocals all the space they need to shine till we reach the bridge where the bass gets the groove on. The vocal melody has a smooth flow through the verse, bridge and chorus and by the interlude towards the end the guitar gets its time to shine. when we reach “Until It’s Wild” things start to get more interesting, the song has an emotional vocal melody and conversational dual guitars but, it keeps on building toward a really upbeat finale where the drummer goes wild taking it to a whole new level. “No Hard Feelings” is where they unleash their punk rockabilities but, without losing their signature where all the “Fool Saint” previous elements are present. With “Confessions” we reach the end of the ep, it’s a calm and chilling ending where you can sit back and enjoy a story being told with an amazing voice backed with some of the ep’s most enjoyable guitar melodies and bass lines.
I enjoyed listening to “In a Field, Away From the City” a lot, it is a really nice trip, very coherent and each song feels like a part of the “Fool Saint” story. Totally recommended ep and I’m looking forward for more from “Fool Saint”


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Hazem Mehani