Swedish rockers Pressure released their second album “In A Dark Heart We Trust” on the 3rd of June 2022 via Xing Record Label. Described by the band as “about the ordinary relationships that we all have to live with, endure and cherish throughout all of our existence.” They demonstrate this with their signature dual vocals from Olof Jönsson and Olli Violet and dual guitars by Simon “Siirpo” Forsell and Emil Salling, a heavy record full of melodies and riffing is guaranteed

Starting with a rocking melodic riff on “Behind Closed doors”, Pressure kick starts “In A Dark Heart We Trust”. Olof Jönsson and Olli Violet’s narrative powerful vocals created diversity and changing textures as they take turns while guitarists Simon “Siirpo” Forsell and Emil Salling lay some heavy melodic riffs. “Behind Closed Doors” has energetic swinging dynamics that made it even more enjoyable, especially with the orchestrations, narrative parts, and vocal harmonies. ” Barb Wire Love” picks the pace with a hard rock intro and some old-school melodies from the good rocking days. Its intense guitar solos, riffs, and sharp vocal melodies are some of the album’s best guitar works and vocal performances. “Just Undress” has a groovier approach but the heaviness is there mixed with another powerful, intense vocals by Olli Violet this time backed with some energetic drumming and heavy guitars with the perfect tone. The groovy riffs continue with “One Shot of Love”, and the dual vocals made it even heavier with each of them giving his own unique flavor while the guitar melodies were diverse. Its structure is pretty interesting and kept me focused throughout the whole track without losing its enjoyable up and down dynamics. The title track “In A Dark Heart We Trust” is 10 minutes intense conversation between vocalists and guitarists at the same time, it has some really good writing regarding guitar melodies and riffs but – from my humble POV – 10 minutes were kinda long, especially for a song with no vocal melodies as it became kinda steady at a certain point. 

“In A Dark Heart We Trust” is a solid heavy release by Pressure, it has diverse melodies, heavy rocking riffs, and well-written orchestrations that made every song full of layers and textures. Looking forward to more from Pressure, keep it up guys. Cheers!