The trio punk rockers SUE are back with their latest EP “ I Will Dance With Hell So You Can See Heaven”. Keeping with their banger sound, SUE are delivering a headbanging experience mixed with loads of melodies and emotions, or as they described it “The songs are fuelled by passion and vigor, the lyrics grappling with themes of hope, hate and a dread for all things human.”

The mysterious “IHell” opens the EP and sets the mood for the heavy storm coming next that’s “I Will Dance”. It feels like a hurricane of energy hitting you for the whole 3:19 minutes. It has a punk-ish feel mixed with fast melodies, a really awesome opener. “Fresh Void” went with the same intensity while SUE experiments more with their sounds and effects. It fills you with rage while being groovy and super raw. Hitting with full force comes “Inhale/Exhale”, we are still headbanging and grooving intensely with more melodic breaks, and pounding drumming, it even had a sludgy part around the 1:30 minutes mark, and the panning vocals were an awesome touch. “Hope” sounds like preaching, preaching anything but hope. I can’t stop saying that but, I love how they mix raw fast riffs with awesome guitar melodies without losing their intensity! Killer guitars and remarkable drumming. “I Need A Cure” comes next starting with a ballad-like melody that smoothly tuned down the EP’s dynamics. It gives us another perspective of SUE’s writing skills. It has an interesting progression with perfect dynamic structure as it kept on getting bigger and heavier with smooth transitions and a killer groove. With a more emotional and touching approach comes “Pathetic Man”. The vocals are incredibly real and sincere and the guitar tone is dark and heavy with lots of sorrow and anger. Closing the EP with “HeavenI” made lots of sense and tbh, made me more interested in the band, I love bands with vision and concept. I Will Dance With Hell So You Can See Heaven” is an enjoyable sonic trip by SUE. It has everything you need if you like fast, heavy, and awesome music with well-written riffs and well-thought structures. Will definitely be looking forward to SUE’s next release, cheers!