Photo Credit: Dale Marks

How simple, yet elegant music can shape! Without the urge to use multiple sounds to give an experience, music can take shape in perfectly organized sounds that crawl back to the simple days, the quieter ones.

From the city of visual arts, a sound artist emerges through the Hollywood hills generating a higher mesmerizing simplicity than the palm trees.

Rocking & rolling is the indie rockstar “Brady Harris” with some cool Cali-rock over the hills.
Releasing a brand new EP titled “Hotel In The Sky” with lively youthful tunes that is giving you a mild rock sound to enjoy, playing clean solos in an intense influence from “The Beatles”. Brady plays catchy tones and calmly sticks it inside to play along your ears in a way that makes you feel you’d like to vibe to his tracks more at the beach for instance.

Also, the John Lennon influence is very clear in the vocal lines Brady sings and the overall sound is holding to Lennon’s heritage, but aside from the influences of The Beatles and Lennon, I could hear a loud influence of “Electric Light Orchestra” but surely with some differences, as Brady doesn’t use as many instruments as ELO did, but the layering of guitars riffs and solos along with the keyboard chords is reminding me a lot of ELO’s hits which emerged in “Chateau Hill” and “Welcome Back To The Countdown”, both have become my new favorite

Brady HarrisHotel In the Sky is a five-track EP, but it takes you on a journey full of multiple vibes through the distinction of the music played, lyrics written, and influences applied. I recommend “Hotel In The Sky” to every Beatles fan, which is almost every planet Earth human alive.