Alternative rock band Winchester 7 and the runners based in Atlanta, US released a beautiful and heart-wrenching story in the form of an EP called ‘Heart of the golden mystics’ on the 22 of December that feels like a fairytale filled with battles, dragons, fire, knights and a beautiful damsel. With an EP released last December and memorable singles, this EP specializes in Ukulele rock pop which is a true unique fusion of musical elements. The EP is of 7 songs, and celebrates the bands large ability to deliver a distinct storytelling setup that feels like an adventure through one portal: your headphones! 

Whatever you wish to find from gold and uplifting energy, you will find in this wonderfully put-together EP. From the names of the songs, lyrics, stories and music, this is something that you need to listen to fully, with no interruptions. The band has a special gift of entertainment for the listeners that is lost in a time where music as a craft is taken too lightly. The way this EP tells a story just reminds you of what music used to be like, it’s almost nostalgic to the 70’s and 80’s musical vibes. 

The overall sound of the album is uplifting, gritty and real. You feel the emotions through the stories you’re being told in an easy and fashionable way. You just know that the band was going through something magical as they wrote these songs. The soundscapes are alternative, almost countryish with sweet, happy melodies. The musical arrangements of the music are closely related, with a certain soft Ukulele and chunky, sometimes yearning and also screeching electric guitar that is heavily textured. There is a medium-paced drum set and prominent cymbals that set off every beat, rattle sound and acoustic guitar and violin backing up some tracks. All in all, the music is so energizing emotionally and spiritually as you escape into this magical vortex of stories.