French musical duo Fat Bottomed Boys releases an epic 80s rock album filled to the brim with stunning riffs, brilliant melodic hooks, and lots and lots of powerful energy…”Haters Gonna Hate” is their latest album and it’s one musical journey not to be missed.

Being fans of the iconic band Queen, Fat Bottomed Boys are hailing themselves as the true heir to the Queen legacy…and they do deliver on that front quite beautifully…

“Haters Gonna Hate” is your go-to rock-destination for all your rockin’ needs, invoking strong musical nostalgia within our heart…and all the hearts of the 70s and 80s rock fans out there…ROCK IS ALIVE AND WELL.

The album starts with the title song, “Haters Gonna Hate”…setting the bar quite high, it’s powerful, upbeat, and filled with amazing riffs and energy with soaring rock vocals…but wait till you get into the second song “Rock of Ages”, it’s like they were going easy on us!

“Rock of Ages” ups the ante with an excellent anthemic chorus…it feels absolutely huge, stage-worthy, a packed stadium…at least!

…and what kind of rock album would be that iconic without a matching iconic guitar solo…you’ll find it here at “Haters Gonna Hate” to be a solo-galore to quench all your thirst for stunning face-melting guitar solos…but also make no mistake…when we’re talking about the influence of a historical musical figure like Queen having influence on the brilliant Fat Bottomed Boys…we know there will be some piano ballads here…and yes, there is!

“I’m Not The One” is the perfect example of such a song…it’s a piano-focused song, with soaring vocals and an emotionally charged composition and production approach…mixing things up and making it fresh, Fat Bottomed Boys really knows how to keep the audiences completely sucked into the musical world they created…and hey, there’s an acoustic guitar solo here….and an electric one too…whatever we wish for, we’ll find here…

The album keeps things diverse both musically and emotionally, with a song like “Moonlight Serenade” tapping more into the darker emotions invoked through music…a ballad with a heartfelt direction…

…and speaking of diversity, they also give us the joy of a folk rock tune with their song “La La La”…once again, a truly anthemic song with an unplugged feeling to it.

“Haters Gonna Hate” is one mind-blowing album, full of power, melancholy, ups and downs…and some awesome guitar solos…this is one album to keep playing on repeat and just enjoy all the colors of musicality and emotions.

We wish all the best to the brilliant duo, Fat Bottomed Boys, and we can’t wait to hear what they have next for the world.