Californian musical duo Movie Club just celebrated their 5 years anniversary, along with just successfully finishing their “Psychedelic Circus” Hollywood residency…already a huge spark in the music world, Movie Club takes all of their unstoppable artistic flavor and creates a mind-blowing album, “Great White”…their unique musical modus operandi is one to cherish and at all costs…not to miss.

The musical duo, drummer Jessamyn Violet and guitarist Vince Cuneo have been at it, creating a unique fingerprint, approach, sound and musical charisma with their unconventional band setup…but that actually got them to unlock their ultimate potential and reaching a status, many musicians only could dream of…to be loved for their own sound.

With just 2 instruments…Movie Club’s sound is exceptionally rich while coming from a minimalist approach…

Their latest album “Great White” could actually be the culmination of what came before…Movie Club created a musical journey, designed and crafted in a way for the audience to go through this journey and keep experiencing monumental melodies and powerful emotions.

“Great White” comes packed with 10 completely fresh musical adventures, mixing between the ambient and the heavy psychedelic riffs…and everything in between…the album takes the audiences from the deep multi-layered oceanic sound beds of their first track “Requiem”….an excellent introduction to the album experience, to the powerful and upbeat feel of the second track “Spinner”…a fast and powerful experience to get the blood pumping, with a catchy musical progression and fusion elements that brings together the dreamy and the edgy in one musical experience.

The amazing duo keeps putting the audiences through one musical plot twist after the other, always surprising them with musical switches that will invoke some powerful emotions…also, from one song to another, we experienced a completely fresh musical take, energy, pacing, and iconic sounding melodies.

“Great White” has a musical surprise at every corner…and this goes throughout the whole album till the last track “Goblin”…which is in itself is a completely different take on the band’s musicality, by infusing cinematic elements and an incredibly solid storytelling approach…this could easily be a soundtrack for a movie or a TV show…easily.

Great White was recorded at Station House Studio by engineer and mixer Mark Rains (Hooveriii, Death Valley Girls). It

features the return of honorary Movie Club member Tim Lefebvre (Bowie, Black Crowes) on bass, as well as another

previously-featured special guest David Ralicke (Ozomatli, Dengue Fever) on horns and flute.

We wish all the best to Movie Club and the whole team behind this sonic achievement, we can’t wait for the future releases…we’re sure it’s going to be mesmerizing.