He began his professional music career in the 90’s, but his love for music grew with him in his teen years till this very day. Cos, the multi-talented musician, dropped his first alum in 2002 and the second in 2016, and he recently released the third album, “Grace,” in October 2021.

“Grace” contains 11 tracks, each with its own story, sensation, and rich musical composition. The album is a work of art with an unrivaled sound, fusing Alt-Rock, Prog-Rock, Neo-Prog, and 80’s style. There’s no one single like the other, both instrumentally and vocally, with an impressive variety and many colors that demonstrate how much “Cos” is a genuine, skilled musician.

The opening track, “The Greatest Gift,” is as warm as a cozy blanket on the coldest nights. It starts off smoothly with some soothing piano notes that sound like a kid’s lullaby, and soon the intro develops to have some dreamy vibes that work well with the velvet vocals. The melody is bright, and the chorus is touching and full of love. In the second part, the alt-rock sound takes over with the guitars’ superb riffs. The song progresses unexpectedly throughout the nine minutes, leaving you with full enjoyment, heartfelt sentiments about parenthood, and zero seconds of boredom.

“Gina” has a neo-prog and alt-rock blend with 80’s influences, which makes you feel like you’ve gone back in time to an 80’s disco, dancing beneath a large colourful disco ball. The vocals are bursting with life, and the lyrics are relatable to anyone who has blown their chances. The title track, “Grace,” is a solo piano piece that is restful, soulful, and indeed as the title says, graceful. It’s the kind of song that makes you close your eyes while listening to it and let it take you to your favorite place.

Resurrection Part 1 and 2 is a one-of-a-kind storytelling in which part 1 boosts some hard rock tunes and portrays what abusing a partner in a relationship feels like, while part 2 has soft solo piano and takes the story to the part where the victim is finally able to heal and resurrect. “Resurrection Part 1” has edgy vibes with its prog-rock, killer guitars, and powerful vocals. It progresses incredibly well, and the arrangement is flawless. Despite its edgy, dark atmosphere, the second part has some light and bright vibes. “Resurrection Part 2” features the rising star Jessie Wagner on vocals with her gentle, silky voice. It’s poignant, with the solo piano and the poetic lyrics portraying the break-free.

“Salt Hay” sets a jazzy mood with atmospheric percussion, astonishing piano, and charming, resonating vocals. The sax was a pleasant addition, and the entire progression is quite mastered. A dream-like ambiance with cordial vocals and soft piano notes in “Wanderlust.” It gives the feeling of taking off on a magical journey, with the lyrics drawing the desired destination’s map and the music playing the fuel role.

The album closes off with some sedative guitar chords in the short instrumental piece, “Resurrection Coda.”

Listen to “Grace” below and enjoy your unique, graceful experience.