Hailing from Richmond, Virginia, LCTR are offering their own blend of extreme metal on their record Goodness Won’t Save You From The Fire. With serious themes tackling mental health, negative emotions, and daily struggles, Goodness Won’t Save You From The Fire will definitely have its place in your “2023 Favs.” playlist. Let me tell you more about it. 

Goodness Won’t Save You From The Fire opens with Kayfabe as Personal Philosophy, a pounding heavy tune that demonstrates the brutality we’re gonna experience with LCTR. Kicking off with a slow intimidating build-up,

Kayfabe as Personal Philosophy has a dense guttural sound with damn powerful dynamic shifts, fat bassline, and raw production that matches its sound, and those grinding riffs and sick breakdowns threw me off my seat headbanging. Barb Wire Crown builds upon its predecessor’s intensity, pushing harder for deeper sound and a more complex structure. It opens with a groovy attacking riff that dramatically hits the breaks, warming-up before LCTR unleash hell. These guys have an ever-changing pace with unexpected twists and turns that keeps you hooked, and the way they subtly incorporate modern metal elements in their solid old-school sound was pretty interesting, especially at those filthy breakdowns. The diverse vocal delivery was cleverly handled, reflecting the riffs heaviness with no overdoing, delivering the perfect screams at the perfect timing. One of the best things about Goodness Won’t Save You From The Fire is the BASSLINES and it reaches maximum levels of awesomeness in A Discourse in Disillusionment. It sounds like LCTR are coming at us with full force, hitting hard with relentless riffing, machine gun blast beats, and REALLY DEEP guttural vocals, all in an unstoppable dynamic structure with amazingly well-executed headbanging-boosters and amazingly steered groove and pace that’d drive any metalhead crazy. 

Goodness Won’t Save You From The Fire is one record that you wish would’ve lasted much longer. LCTR‘s brutality sounds like it’s coming from the very depths of hell with their storming riffs and sick dense tone, making it one of the best extreme metal records I’ve listened to in 2023 so far. Their seasoned writing skills and musicianship are pretty obvious through this brief demonstration, making me already wait for their upcoming release. Looking forward to more from you guys, keep on rocking. Cheers!