With a title like that, it is pretty clear what sound David Moore had in mind. The Led Zeppelin influence extends to the album title and cover art, the riff-heavy songs, loaded lyrics, and deep, bluesy undertones.

David Moore is a singer and songwriter based in Knox City, Texas. After taking a 20-year-long hiatus to focus on family duties, Moore’s return with an album in 2022 and another in 2023 have leaned more on the folk and pop sides of things. With his most recent collection of songs, ‘Get The Led Out’ is an album that digs deeper into Moore’s rock and roll roots. The Led Zeppelin influence on the songs is gracefully balanced by Moore’s own sensibilities, taking shape in his gentle vocals and style of riffs that blend blues with country.

Moore also has a few surprises up his sleeve. With tracks such as the left-field instrumental title track, the melodic rock ballad ‘Empty Man’, the 50s-inspired rock and roll of the starter ‘Paid My Dues’, or the dramatic, acoustic riffs and lush strings on ‘Magic Woman’, Moore is an arranger and a songwriter who is full of tricks.

‘Dance of The Firefly’ is a graceful and melodic instrumental waltz that’s sweet and intricately written. ‘Open Your Heart’ is an open-faced and adventurous piece of acoustic rock that’s dynamic and driving.  Moore is also the producer of the songs on Get The Led Out, and next to recording the songs with seasoned musical guests, he is the album’s sole songwriter except for the title song which is written in collaboration with Chris McConville.

Get The Led Out is an entertaining album full of interesting twists and turns that Moore handles with a great deal of confidence. Backed by a capable team of musicians, Moore’s songs are delightful and his energy is infectious.