Have you ever wondered what happens when science and art combine? The answer can be found in Leonardo Barilaro‘s Genesis EP. A work of art that will take you interstellar and leave you there for a while.

Leonardo Barilaro is a pianist and aerospace engineer based in Malta, and he definitely knows how to use his space knowledge and piano skills to blend them together and result in an unimaginable, cinematic, mind-blowing work. If you’ve ever fantasised about taking a trip to the stars, Genesis is the EP for you. It will take you far beyond your wildest dreams.

The EP only has four tracks and lasts 4 minutes 34 seconds, yet it creates a whole new world. And it is exactly as the brilliant pianist, Barilaro, described it: “Genesis has a fractal inspiration around the concept of creation, where similar patterns repeat on increasingly smaller scales and can model chaotic events like crystal structure and galaxy evolution.”

Genesis starts off with “Half orbit around the destination planet and landing,” a neo-classical piece that feels like the preamble to a great adventure, and a universal secret is about to be revealed. “Exploring The Dry Valley” picks up where the previous one ended, leaning a little bit from classical to progressive rock, giving the vibes of a mystery about to be revealed, and ending with a bang. “500 Years Back in the Future” is epic! Maybe we won’t be calling Hans Zimmer for the next space movie, as its soundtrack is already done. You can feel each instrument individually and get a dreamy feeling at parts, and overall, a majestic feeling. Reaching the peak with “Travelling Home Without Me,” which features the drummer, Andrea Giovannoli, and guitarist, Marco Pellizzari, to help produce a flawless progressive rock sound that will penetrate you to the core. You can hear the arrangement saying, “Interstellar is now my home.”

Not only is the musical composition mastered in the four tracks, but also each other aspect of this incredible work, such as the artwork of the EP. It’s created by the visual artist and scientist Antonio Polidano Vella, and it’s obvious how it suits the EP and evokes its vibes visually. Also, the tracks’ titles are hundred per cent expressive of the sound, concept, and emotion behind the track.

You don’t need a spaceship; just close your eyes, play “Genesis,” and enjoy the ride!

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