A sound that will take you on a journey to your favorite era and ideal memories. Ride along with Collective Fear and their EP “Foster.”

The Los Angeles-based band, “Collective Fear,” released their EP on March 4th, and it’s such a shame if you haven’t listened to it and enjoyed this band on your playlist yet. “Foster” sounds like you’re trying to solve a mystery that will take you to a precious treasure. It combines 80’s Shoegaze and 90’s Alt-Rock with dark vibes at times and dreamy at others. The stellar riffs and hard-hitting drumbeats in the 5-track EP will rock your world and leave you wanting more.

The album opens with “White Gloves” and its vibrant atmosphere. With the head-banging drumming, the almost 1-minute energetic intro will have you moving in all directions. The electric riffs, which add more liveliness and glimmer, the hazy vocals, which add authenticity, and the engaging melody all give off 80’s vibes, making you nostalgic for the good old days.

Moving to “Part of the Plan,” which kicks off with a mystic intro and psychedelic vibes. The vague vocals fit the mood, while the guitar grooves brighten things up a little. The fading outro provides the single with its best ending.

“Victimless Crime” has a shimmering guitar and obscured, delicate vocals that give it a dreamy vibe and make you sway with the sound. As it progresses, it feels like it’s light and dark at once.

The perfectly titled single “Novocaine” feels exactly like its name. It’s psychedelic, hypnotic, and melancholic. The vocals sound like a somber whisper, and the enigmatic guitar riffs sing slightly along with the vocals to suit the gloomy mood. This one is what a good Alt-Rock, Shoegaze, flawless song sounds like.

Closing off acoustically and dismally with “Thanksgiving Day.” We can hear the vocals clearly and learn how wonderful and soulful they are. The lyrics convey loneliness, and it carries sadness in its lines, such as in the chorus, “And I know there might be no tomorrow. And I know I might not make a change. And that’s okay. You’ll be gone like Thanksgiving Day.”

Pause your regular day’s tasks for twenty minutes and enjoy the genuine sound below.