So much can flourish from within one soul…

This can not be more true with the case of Texan artist Dean Marino, a one-man band, a one-man orchestra…one artist with many souls within his creative mind, Dean released his latest masterpiece, a 13-track album titled “Forever Yours David Yaffie”…an album with a super attractive musical experience that will appeal to a huge and wide audience, there’s a gem with every turn of this album.

“Forever Yours David Yaffie” takes the flare of Motown, mixes it with rock and a bit of pop and fuses them creating a very unique flavor to his work and artistic charisma, speaking of which, Dean is 17…and he recorded all of the instruments in his home studio, creating wonderful melodies and harmonies with just his creative mind and artist soul.

Dean Marino has been creating original music for the past six years, since he was 11 and he’s been creating this mesmerizing songs…

The album starts with “High School”…with its intro sound effects that puts us in a location, with people talking and moving about…the music is filled with soulful Motown mojo with finger snaps, shakers, keys…everything…the musical production is absolutely fantastic, with huge choirs…then the song transitions with the ring of…maybe the school bell?…transitioning perfectly into the second song “alright”…groovy basses, groovy piano licks…

The mood is relaxing, heartfelt, upbeat and bright but with a very unique chill mood to it…

Dean takes a very unique approach to the songs, especially at parts when it feels more like a musical than a song…the harmonies, the musical build up and the songs are very…film-like.

…not only are the vocals melodies amazing, but there are melodic solos and fantastic choirs with stunning harmonies and production values…

The album continues to take us down this groovy Motown lane…with all the stunning musicality and melodies that Dean masterfully created for the world to enjoy…

…by the time I’ve hit midway in the album, I’ve started to think “this is an absolute hit of a musical”…Dean is not just singing here, he’s acting too…he’s performing on stage…this should be a musical…and it would be an instant hit.

“Savior” is the sixth song and it utilizes more of the big band brass section and mixes it with Dean’s iconic choirs…they don’t make them like that anymore.

…this is a masterpiece.

All of the songs on this album has a very distinct musical character that can not be mistaken…each song is a character in a novel, fully developed with its own arc…it’s really stunning.

I won’t be spoiling all the fun…you’ll have to check Dean’s music with your own ears to witness the awesomeness and the explosive talent that Dean holds within his soul.

On the humanitarian side, Dean didn’t forget to give back to the community, he played music for tje “WhyHunger” charity concert, raising over $2,000.

He’s also played local festivals including the tree lighting festival.

This is a complete artist and human, deserving the world to hear his music and being inspired by his musicality and humanity.

Dean, we wish you all the best in all of your endeavors, musical and humanitarian…and with your personal life too.

Can’t wait to see what you come up with next.