“Mercy” has some of the best bass resembling 3 Doors Down’s bass guitarist Todd Harrell in his glory days. “The Season” is more subtle with guitars slowly getting nice and heavy. The true icon of the album is the lead single “The Cycle”, not driven with power chords but with the lyrics and Jeff Ross’s vocals, the single is carving a life of its own with some sparkling spacey qualities. “Parasite” is more traditional with stiff drumbeats and piercing bass riffs, while “Sweet Death” is the rebellious melody that transcends time and genre.
Dying Light has a lot to offer. It’s soft, grungy, doesn’t try too hard at proving it’s a cooler-than-thou album but more of a reach-the-masses kind of musical creation. It encapsulates much of Far From Life’s energy, which is embedded in melodic metal and electric-rooted melodies. The songs and the spacing in between prove that the band has a lot yet to come.


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Jaylan Salah