Today I’ll be reviewing Mountain Town’s new album, “Far from Home”. Mountain Town are a Utah-based Americana band, headed by Dr. Jon, who’s the singer and songwriter for the band. Their new album was produced by UK based label “The Animal Farm”.

First song on the album was definitely my favorite! This Highway ends was just 4 minutes 47 minutes of country music goodness. The mix of instruments with Dr Jon’s beautiful vocals made this song my favorite in the entire album. Another absolute favorite of mine was “Ride the Raven”. The harmonica in the song made me feel an indescribable feeling, mix of melancholia and nostalgia. I love the middle of the song when the electric guitar comes on, just a burst of emotions in a mellow song like this. One that was not really to my liking was “Shipyard Town”. Though the song is good, and the harmonica was dreamy, it just lacked energy, it was just the same throughout the entire song. 

All in all, though country was never really my cup of tea, I loved this album! It’s definitely not like any other country album I heard before, and it’s definitely more unique than other albums in this genre. You feel like Dr. Jon really put his entire heart into this album. I’m glad Dr. Jon pursued music instead of dentistry to give us this gem of an album.


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