Phili-based band ‘Mansion on the Hill’ just released their debut rock album “Eye Hustling”…a very strong charismatic and musical album of 10 songs, taking on the soul of the 2000’s rock, Mansion on the Hill are giving it their all, unleashing torrents of rock power unto the audiences…and we’re loving it.

Mansion on the Hill are going for a raw rock feeling…no excess audio effects, just straight-up old-school rock drive, distortion and grit.

…let’s take this chance and get to know the awesome rockers that make up Mansion on the Hill, or as the band says on their Spotify page, they are the people that  “provide the foundation upon which the manor is built”…

Bassist Colin McCloskey

Guitarist Carl Broll

Drummer Ryan Curry

…along with Eddie Malandro, serving as a guitar-strumming bard with extraordinary tales imbued with the power of old-school rock and roll.

…creating a very wide spectrum of musicality with their album, Mansion on the Hill explored many different musical energies, styles and genres with their album “Eye Hustling”…

…so…you have a very OG rock and roll song kicking off the album…it’s the album title track, “Eye Hustling”…with some elements from a more American approach, mixing it in with the rock and rock soul…it’s one melodic and energetic musical experience.

…then they mix it up with something very sensually 70s with their third song on the album “Bluest Skyes”…groovy bass lines, roomy reverbs on the guitar…tines. A mellow overall feeling and minimal funk-iness to it…it shares some of its DNA with Khruangbin, yet very different.

Diversity…that’s the word I’ve been thinking of while experiencing this album…diversity in the energy, genre, mood and overall feeling and musical direction…almost every song is like opening a whole new toy all over again…

Mansion on the Hill keeps mixing it up, taking us from one musical twist to another…even within some songs, they go for a progressive approach, making even the song itself a very evolving piece of storytelling…

Experiencing Mansion on the Hill’s album “Eye Hustling” is an expedition, a musical discovery, a treasure trove that keeps on giving you loot the more you look into it and dive deeper into its world.

The album starts strong and keeps it up along the whole album, with very obvious visual building up all throughout the album…from the folky stories of their songs “The Man” and “Another Boy Wonder”, to their rebellious relentless and raw rockin’ power of “Old Parquet”…to their nostalgic melodic spaghetti western symphony of “Keep in Step”…Mansion on the Hill excels in creating diverse storytelling musicality that keeps any music lover or even casual listeners glued to their speakers and not wanting to miss any second of it. 

Wishing all the best to the awesome people of Mansion on the Hill, can’t wait to see what you cook up next, but we’re due it going to be pretty awesome.