Photo Credit: by Rebekah Velazquez (@rebekahv_photograph)

Discover an album that captures the essence of the 90s golden era. Allow me to present Pretty Crimes‘ latest album, “Every Moment All at Once,” inspired by that nostalgic era. Step into our time machine and embark on this journey through familiar sounds.

Pretty Crimes is a rock band that strives to showcase musical diversity by incorporating blues, dream pop, electronic, and alternative genres, all within a solid rock framework. Their album “Every Moment All at Once” consists of nine tracks and was born when Dan Irving and Em Edgerton began working on it back in 2017, coinciding with the inception of Petty Crimes. The lockdown period during COVID provided them with the opportunity to focus on this album, resulting in a varied collection of songs. While their first album was “You Have Your Mind,” “Every Moment All at Once” was more focused and conceptual.

I adore the impactful and emotional vocals, along with the iconic guitars. The melodic soloing stands out, not to mention the rich and tight structure provided by the bass and drums. “Every Moment All at Once” combines indie folk, dream pop, and 90s alternative rock to deliver a seamless musical journey. The album delves into the interconnected threads influencing one’s identity through relationships, showcasing both the beloved and challenging facets of oneself.

It’s quite challenging to pick a favorite track from the album. Each track stands out with its unique qualities while maintaining a captivating old-school vibe. “Every Moment All at Once” offers a blend of musical genres ranging from indie pop to grunge. The goal is to bridge the gap between artists and fans, catering to diverse musical tastes. This album is set to be engaging, profound, and thought-provoking, appealing to a wide range of music enthusiasts.