Ben Hoyuela

”Hurricane” is the song that came up to the top 50 in Texas music chart, a soulful country artist “Rī Wolf” released a full album on the 27th of May, 2022 showing his songwriting talent in this album about his infatuation and tenderness towards the unattainable girl and it shows in the song he wrote called “Queen of Canadian County”.

Rī collaborated with Justin Johnson with some rocking guitar riffs in “Blood Red River”, “Another Weary Soul” & “Long Black Train” that tells a story of his roots and where he came from and had some hardships he had to go through rising from it.

An acoustic single “Two Wild Horses” has an uplifting feeling to it while listening to it that raises your spirits.

“Desert Marigold” Featuring Sophie Dorsten is a love song that gives a golden hour effect to your imagination with the yellow fields filled with desert marigold’s flowers with some fresh breeze of air.

Rī mentioned in one of his posts that he dedicated “Moving Mountains” for his children saying “This song was written for my daughter and son as a reminder that as they grow up they are never alone and to carry my love and lessons with them even if i’m not there.” It’s so touching to think that it’s written to give an idea of a loving father. It can be a long life lesson to learn your children and sing along with it that boosts up their confidence. “One father is more than a hundred schoolmasters.”

A loving talented father and a songwriter award making a full album of boosted feels of and giving different vibes of his past and influenced Rī to complete this project with touching music lyrics he created with more achievements yet is laid ahead.