New York artist Amanda Becker released her latest album “Dreams”, a powerful anthemic pop rock album that hits all musical and emotional bullseyes…

“Dreams” is the result of the collaboration between Amanda and talented producer/multi-instrumentalist Daniel Jakubovic…and what a result!

Amanda actually comes from a powerful musical lineage, being the daughter of legendary trumpeter Randy Becker…and with this musical DNA in her, she manages to continue and hold the musical lineage to the utmost high quality.

Both Amanda and Daniel really knew their direction…and they drew the storytelling arc of the album and musical direction quite masterfully…covering a huge spectrum of human emotions, exploring love and relationships from their brightest moments to their darkest…and everything in between.

“Dreams” has some timeless melodies within its 35 minutes of runtime, with 9 songs sharing this runtime…

…if I am to describe “Dreams” in two words, I’d say it’s absolutely emotionally anthemic…

Almost all songs on the album are emotionally charged with powerful melodies, riffs, beats and soaring vocals…I’ve never seen an album with such an anthemic nature…maybe an album would have one or two of such, but to create an album with such power to bring people together…that’s breaking new musical grounds for sure.

“Dreams” starts on a high note with its first song “Wrong Again”…it makes you think “wow, what a first song, how would they elevate the experience after that!?”, let me tell you…they do, not once or twice…but with every passing track, Amanda and Daniel ups their game with untold amounts of emotional energy…” Dreams” is an absolute musical thrill.

…saying that means that “Man Of My Dreams”, “Something Real” and “Walk Out” actually press hard on the gas pedal and explode in absolute musical fireworks in a way that is simply unheard of.

“Walk Out” has some of the most soaring vocal sections along with beautifully crafted guitar solos you’ll experience in 2023…”Walk Out” is an instant hit…which could easily go for the whole album, really.

“Let Me Go” marks a transition on the musical spectrum, from the energetic to the minimal…with a more slower tempo yet maintaining the same powerful musicality…it feels more theatrical and that switch in the album in quite an effective one…mixing up and disrupting the feelings like that has absolutely mesmerizing effects on the listeners.

…after that, “Dreams Of The Ideal” takes us back into the action seat, the splash zone with some of the most upbeat and energetic songs on the album…and that song in specific has another acoustic version of it which could go as a completely different song actually, it’s the last song on the album and one of the dearest to me.

Opting for a very unique mix of Amanda’s smoothing vocals and some punk guitar works, “Wasted Time” could be described as a melancholic punk/pop anthem…a sentence I never thought about saying before!

…that’s the power of what Amanda is doing…her art is making people make words up!

If you want to feel like you’re sitting with the artists in the same room while they perform, make sure to check out “Morning Kiss”…it’s like you’re there, with all the emotions that would entail, the power, the presence…it’s a guitar and vocals song that is simply mesmerizing.

We wish Amanda all the best in life, we literally just finished experiencing her latest album “Dreams”, yet we can’t wait for the next one.

“Dreams” is a highly recommended listening experience for basically any music fan out there.