Eline Callens

Having the ability to express your emotions through music can help a lot through hard times and that’s what Canadian singer/songwriter/producer/multi-instrumentalist Chic Chameleon did. Focusing on turning all he has been going through into his debut EP “Doomed”. To make the experience even more personal, Chic Chameleon recorded and produced the whole EP by himself making it as unique and personal as it needs. 

“Doomed” is an emotional trip led by Chic Chameleon’s ability to express himself through guitar melodies, synths, and effects. The trip takes off with “Samtree” which has a soothing melody with fluid guitar and synth work matching Chameleon’s dreamy vocals that’ll keep on dragging you deeper into his world as you dig deeper into his music. “Dreaming of Heaven” is one of those songs that I think has been in the works for a while, it has neat layering and arrangements with all instruments all in harmony contributing to its floating melancholic mood that gave me immediate chills. Things get groovy with “Noble Lies” and its notable bassline that you can’t miss and memorable synth that gave it a different taste than the rest of the EP. The trip ends with the title track “Doomed” which connected with me on a high level, we just clicked and it took me to a dark place starting with the fading in intro that made me clearly recognize and digest every line of it to the consistent slow beat and melancholic guitar arpeggios all on an ambient musical canvas. Some effects that sounded like faded violins were pretty emotional that I wished they were louder and lasted longer. Definitely my favorite off the EP and an amazing finale.

“Doomed” is a stream of emotions that builds a strong connection between Chic Chameleon and the listener on a deep level. I felt like he is sharing a part of himself and his self-reflective journey trying to express it as much as he can and I believe he succeeded. Can’t wait to see where he’ll take us from here. Cheers!