The magic of this volume of DCxPC Live comes courtesy of The Phensic, a band with a sound that blends reggae and ska with dub, punk, and indie, for a truly one-of-a-kind listening experience.

A band that splits its roots between New York and New Jersey, The Phensic, a Jamaican slang for aspirin, is a band with four members at its core, accompanied by three players for their live performance for DCxPC Live. DCxPC Live is a record label, music reviewer, and show promoter who picks bands that he sees something in to record and release a live performance for. For the label’s 23rd live album , The Phensic’s sound grabbed the attention of the guys behind DCxPC Live enough to label this release a future ska classic.

The album is split into two halves, 11 and 14 minutes in length, recorded live at the Orange Sound Studio. The performance is incredibly tight, with prominent organs and snappy drums, and with a wealth of funky syncopated rhythm guitar, chill grooves, and memorable musical cues. The metallic snare sounds on point for a reggae album, and the atmospheres the musicians are able to craft, especially on the second half which leans towards a groovier, softer, more reggae face than the first half’s rockier, funkier, and jazzier side, are solid, tight, charismatic, and nuanced, with intricate bass lines, organ interjections, and guitar riffs.

All in all, The Phensic are showcasing immense musicianship on this live album. A group fully in control of their sound, capable of performing live and sounding as controlled and as tight as anything, The 4-piece and their collaborators are appearing in their shiniest guise on this endlessly enjoyable collection of live songs.