Today we have something pretty unique…

…we’ve seen double albums before, sure…

…we’ve seen remix albums…

…but today, we’re witnessing something new…one album, two bands

With boundless levels of musical energy and power…you’re in for one of the most unique and musically charged powerful albums you’ll hear in quite some time.

…did we say that all the songs are also live performances?

What we’re talking about is none other than DCxPC Live Vol. 16, with the first band being Skappository on the first side and Scum Shots on the second side

…and let’s start with getting to know the awesome people behind this monumental musical achievement from both bands…

Skappository is

Tony Morace – Lead Vocals & Guitar

Jess DeBellis – Keytar & Vocals

Christian Lesperance – Lead Guitar & Vocals

Mike Nigro – Bass & Backing Vocals

Dominic Barranco – Drums


Scum Shots is

Ricky Vega – Lead Vocals & Guitar

Jamie Crispino – Bass & Vocals

Nick Parisi – Guitar & Vocals

Mike Sanbeg – Drums

…and this is all the work of DCxPC…

DCxPC Live came into inception during the pandemic when live shows went to live streams. They recorded the streams, and decided to release them as live albums on vinyl with covers that pay homage to the VMLive album covers of the 1990’s.

When the pandemic ended, they continued to put on live shows, record them and looked for bands with past live albums that were never issued on vinyl for reissue and had bands record live shows in their home states.

This album “DCxPC Live Vol. 16 Skappository / Scum Shots” has two sides of it, one is the Skappository, which delivers powerful and upbeat Ska-oriented rock while Scum Shots goes for a wild grungy direction.

Skappository delivers an excellently entertaining tracklist of 6 songs that will make you jump, scream and just let loose…from their first song “The Blood I Bleed”, you’ll instantly get hooked and completely sucked into their Ska-Rock hybrid world…always maintaining high levels of energetic and musical performances.

…while the second half of this unique musical experience takes a completely different direction with Scum Shots’ powerful grungy attitude that shares some musical DNA with the 90s grunge movement…

With 7 songs on their side, Scum Shots keeps things fresh with a diverse tracklist of the upbeat, bright, punk/grunge mixed with some darker-toned songs like “D.I.T.NO.L.”…a fast, powerful, and dark grungy punk song that will stick in your brain for quite some time.

Pre-order starts Dec. 1st and goes until Dec. 8th. Vinyl is on sale for $15 this week with a chance to win VMLive Vol. 16 SICKO Live 7″…make sure to check out this epic musical experience.

We wish all the best to DCxPC, Skappository and Scum Shots…DCxPC for such a brilliant concept, Skappository, and Scum Shots for the stunningly entertaining live performance of a lifetime.

Can’t wait to hear more of this awesome and unique musical approach