DCxPC Live are back with another banger on their latest release DCxPC Live Vol. 12 Fortitude Live at Lou’s, released on vinyl on the 22nd of December 2023. With 25 years of playing and recording up their sleeve, Fortitude brought their Old Ethics in a remarkable live set played at Lou’s, showing their legacy and how they stood for all these years, and we’re gonna dig deep into that on this record. 

Tossing a bluesy rendition of The Star Spangled Banner before coming slashing at the listeners with full force, Fortitude opened their set with Star Spangled Hate, cementing their fast, relentless sound with lightning-speed raw riffs and engaging hooks. Return of the Real opens with melodic guitars building up to a hard-hitting verse with an irresistible groove, pushing powerfully forward with intense energy and clever dynamic shifts, throwing their fans off their seats moshing and headbanging to their heavy pounding drums, thick riffs, and raw hardcore energy as we move through their fluid dynamic twists and turns. Maintaining Fortitude’s driving energy and powerful flow, Red Aunt Riot comes next with blasting drums, storming fast riffs, and a killer groove that shines brightly through its extremely dynamic structure. It steadily moves forward supported by expressive, bold vocals and attacking guitar works, keeping the set’s dynamics high. Taking no rest, The Aftermath picks up its predecessors’ vibes. It hits with a piercing, mood-boosting sound that takes the listeners by storm, offering more rawness and brutality to Fortitude’s irresistible mix. Six Million Cries opens with a cool thrashy build-up before it dramatically shifts into an attacking storm of riffs and fast beats, driving the listeners crazy with its relentless grinding groove and twisting structure, ending with an epic singalong engaging outro. Old Ethics comes next with an even harder flow and unmatchable energy, with more detailed dynamic writing and unpredictable twists in a really interesting structure with a rollercoaster flow that ends with an epic jump-around driving groove. Let’s Face It and How Many both come next pushing Fortitude’s sound boundaries even further as they build up on the energy and grinding flows of their predecessors while keeping the listeners’ attention with their catchy guitar work and crazily hard-hitting drums. Hazed opens with some sludgy riffs offering a refreshing sound. It gets a mix of slow sludgy riffs with Fortitude’s signature intensity, creating an interesting mix of grooves and tempos in a solidly written structure. Terrycloth March eases us in with a guitar melody leading to a brutal machine gun blasting verse and then boosts the energy to the max with the catchy hooking chorus, in a fluidly dynamic structure as we approach the end of the record. The Game comes next offering everything any heavy music fan wants, ending the record on a high note. It has the big riffs, the pure punk attitude, killer guitar work, blasting drums, and fat basslines in a relentless structure that opens up as it moves forward towards a bigger sound and a bigger ending with each sound shift that happens, and that second part they played after stopping heated things again, leaving the listeners wanting more. 

DCxPC Live Vol. 12 Fortitude Live at Lou’s is a high dose of punk, hardcore, and overall pure heaviness that’s delivered with unstoppable contagious energy, that’s fastly channeled to the listeners driving them crazy through Fortitude’s authentic writing and organic flows. Recommended for any heavy music fan, looking forward to more from you guys. Cheers!