Feminist/political HC Punk band from NYC Necrotic Society released a new hefty album under the DCxPC brand, the album is titled “DCxPC Live & Dead Vol. 2 Necrotic Society”…the album has two sides, Live (side A, live performance) and Dead (side B, studio recordings), which is quite unique with an out of the box approach…

…before delving into the album, let me give you some insight into what DCxPC is…

DCxPC Live was established during the pandemic when live shows shifted to streamed and were being recorded.

DCxPC decided to release these streams as live albums on vinyl, paying homage to the 1990s VMLive album covers.

After the pandemic ended, DCxPC continued recording the live shows and sought out bands with past live albums that were never issued on vinyl to reissue them.

DCxPC Live has since expanded to recording full live shows and releasing live shows from the past…after that, they started a new line called Live & Dead, with live on one side and dead (studio) on the other…and that is where we stand with Necrotic Society’s album.

Necrotic Society has 4 members, Saba (guitar), Courtney (vocal), Javi (Bass), and JR(Drum) and the band was formed in 2016 by Alex and JR.

They released their first DIY album in 2017 and have performed with various bands. In 2019, they released their second work and first vinyl and did their first tour in Mexico. Despite COVID affecting everyone’s performances, they continued to work and create new music. In 2021, they contributed to the “Back to the roots of NYHC” compilation and released their third work and split with Italian band “The Dick’s Dastardly”…and now, their album with DCxPC has 21 songs, an album full to the brim with Necrotic Society’s unique volcano-eruption-levels of energy.

The album has two sides, the live one and the dead one…it starts with the live side, and from the get-go, we’re greeted with a very powerful song titled “Manifest”, fast, powerful, and doesn’t hold back any punches, all members of Necrotic Society” must have all agreed on ‘hey, let’s just let go and rock on’…and that, they did.

Going into their second live performance, they somehow managed to take it up a notch even further with “Break Your Chains”…it should come with a warning sign that says ‘extreme headbanding may cause injury’…oozing power.

On the other hand, or another side I should say…they start out with their song “Necrotic Society”, a heavy punk ballad, if that’s even a word…but it is, its thematic and it’s a journey…it’s got a completely different vibe from the live side…and that is absolutely great, you get to witness two completely different sides of the same musical charisma that is Necrotic Society.

They continue their energy-driven direction with more powerful songs like “Paralyzed”, “Wake Up” and the last song on the album “Stipid or on purpose”…which starts out on perhaps what might be the highest point of energy maybe on the whole album…it really raises the bar one more time and sits on the top of the punk/metal mountain.

We wish all the best to Necrotic Society and wish them an excellent year ahead with all their musical goals surpassed and their star shining even brighter.