Have you ever imagined a world without wars, famines, or any kind of suffering? Certainly yes, but it is difficult to achieve. This world Slime Lush can take us to through the music they made on their debut album ‘Custom Slaughter’.

I present a project that has 5 elements that seem bold and courageous, starting with the idea and its presentation and the topics they tackled in 8 tracks. Being the first release is a bold move because they started with an album and not a single song, and the idea of ​​the album is brave because it took me back to the classic atmosphere of the rock world where I dreamed of a different world.

“Nixon Peace Fingers” The opening track introduces us to the world of Slime Lush, surrounded by sludge-rock vibes with laid-back vocals and subtle chord changes. It lasts 4 minutes until the last part of the track becomes a curve through which the sound travels and creates a new band texture that we touch on the rest of the tracks.

World War XIII takes its share of the same texture using the simple string symphonies of the previous track. It creates space for a different kind of flow and width for each instrument, eventually creating a wonderful, psychedelic atmosphere thanks to the vocals, changing towards the end of the track with a fast but very appropriate rhythm.

The sound in “Flip Flop Brunch” changes the feel of Slime Lush throughout the previous two tracks, giving us a taste of pop music with a touch of light synths in the background. To give us a short course and mild taste.

“Flip Flop Brunch” can be considered as part of a prequel to “Super Friendly Vikings” which has a beautiful and catchy melody. Background distortion keeps the fuzz at bay, while guitar chords with drumbeats and bells keep the melody in motion and the track continues until the moment of creative collapse to make it character.

“Whiskey King” is the next track and has a narcotic soul that makes you feel like you’re foggy even though it tastes typical of pop and rock music, as for the track “World War Eight” you’ll hear it head towards indie rock, where you will guide the stringed instruments to one of the peaks of hope, and you will find in the end That irony lies in its name “World War Eight”.

The last track begins with a drum that says it’s the end. This may not have been the intended meaning, but that’s what happened to me, the change in chords helped me focus on the words. Until then, by minute 3, Slime Lush managed to hear an unforgettable single.

Their songs are catchy with simple melodies, and their basic principle for building songs is new psychedelic rock, though they tend to sound heavier at times and create lighter syntax at times to renew the process of magic.

Slime Lush gives us music that can be considered as a powerful stream of consciousness that makes your mind and soul work simultaneously Try this adventure.