A multi-instrumentalist like Tyler Miller, a great musician, and songwriter, can prove it all with his project Tryingtogetby. He has collaborated with some great instrumentalists and producers to design, record, and finance the “Curse of a Tongue” album.

Well, “Curse of a Tongue” is the first album to announce that Tryingtogetby is on his feet. Supported by punk and rock music that achieved a remarkable result from a musical point of view. It was a very aggressive and sloppy album, and at the same time, its melodies are very interesting.

11 tracks take us on a whirlpool of less than half an hour, exploring the musical aspects of the album and its psychedelic elements of harp and distorted ’90s guitars, and the alternative with more intense melodies.

Everything in “Curse of a Tongue” is balanced and meticulously executed to appear extremely well, giving us the immediate urge to listen to the action again as soon as the last piece of it is over. His music conveys strange energy and makes you feel wild.

The vocal diversity on this album is met with greater diversity in words, Miller talks about the ongoing epidemic, passing through the algorithms of hate on the Internet, to meet at the curve of danger in anxiety, then blind justice and the destruction of the planet, a strange mixture carrying music in one package entitled “Curse of a Tongue”.

I think that this musical project will succeed in drawing attention because the music and messages spread throughout this album will affect your head, it is a beautiful discovery that I advise you to follow and listen to everything they release.