Rick Perez

Very strong and has a solid rock that hits all his songs from the first to the last second, this is the album “Current Youth”, the latest release of the American rock quartet Cardboard Boxer, who was able to provide something entertaining with different styles from different eras to suit the mood of many.

A load of electro positiveness Cardboard Boxer brings us on their fourth album through alternative rock and their guitars that we listen to as they carry important messages and deep lyrics, in which life experience and wisdom mingle with nostalgia to make all of this wonderful music, resulting from musicians who spent their time in the studio To achieve such a balance.

“Current Youth” talks to us about feeling stagnant and feeling old with no change. We dive with him more into other aspects of the required maturity in this rapidly changing world.

In 10 songs over the course of a little over half an hour, we’ll find the diversity and influence on this album present you can touch, some coming from the ’70s punk and garage rock in the ’80s, and pop punk from the ’90s, with hypnotic raps and some guitar solos making for a very unique sound. Cardboard Boxer distinguishes.

A good opening to the album is the song “Going To Nowhere”, as it combines all the basic elements that we will find throughout the album especially 80’s rock without synth rock. “Growing Older” is a heavier, fun version of cool alt-rock, and a song like “Reasons” is very heavy and heavy from the 70s. At the same time, you will try to absorb “Waste My Time” because its sound is heavier, slower, deeper, and darker but you will gain a different pleasure.

“Pseudo Confidence” continues the energetic run with “Falling Fast” where screeching guitar waves take charge of communication and interaction with the listener. “All Outta Time” ends this album in peace after a strong war in which we did not know who was victorious because there are no weak songs but a list full of energy and vitality that you will enjoy.

Songs like “Cutting Ties and Burning Bridges” and “ICU Again” you’ll hear are fast and relentless and the atmosphere blazes inside until you catch fire and don’t calm down easily, while “Waiting Calmly” finds a slow song that comforts us after a flurry of activity and makes us sink into its rhythm.

In “Current Youth” the fast drum beats will raise your heartbeat, the loud guitar thrusts and seductive vocals will rearrange your feelings and thinking, you will blend in perfectly with the storytelling in the songs and you will feel the amazing capabilities of Cardboard Boxer, this talented band that never ceases to amaze us.

This is an album to add to your playlist, it is the perfect combination that is both entertaining and thought-provoking.