Toronto-based, Canadian artist Ryan Wayne is releasing his debut album “Crow Amongst the Sparrows”…an indie-infused folk album, full of life, stories, melodies and heartfelt emotions.

Attention to details is a theme here…starting with the artwork, an absolutely stunning work of art…and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Ryan, a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist has a lot to give to the world…and he has a very keen eye for details, it is evident in all of the 8 songs on his “Crow Amongst the Sparrows”.

After years and years of touring and recording, Ryan suffered two strokes early 2022…but the music is strong with this one…you could saw that Ryan was drawn to the music world once again, maybe as a meditative and as a healing journey…whatever it was, we’re glad that he’s doing great and his music is doing great too…

For his album “Crow Amongst the Sparrows”, Ryan worked with Grammy award-winning producer and mixing engineer Malcolm Burn, who worked with icons like Bob Dylan, Emmylou Harris, Patti Smith, Daniel Lanois and many more…so we’re in for a sonic treat.

Ryan’s album starts with “Forty Paces to the Bottom”…a defining indie folk song that sets the bar so high, not just for other artists, but for Ryan too…Ryan is a musical disruptor…he comes in with this album and just enchants everyone with his voice and his vocal performance charisma…

The guitars fill the air…the toy piano is emotions transforming to music…

“Forty Paces to the Bottom” has an ambient overdriven guitar solo that feels like you’re walking on clouds…

Ryan manages to keep the indie spirit along with the folk flavor alive across the whole album…the songs here are like beaches…whenever you visit one, it feels different, yet there are similarities…the emotion and sound that this album conveys is very nature-loving, bright and full of life.

“Oh My Maria” mixes the folk with new and modern sounds…it feels classic yet modern…and the vocals here are absolutely mesmerizing…the vocal layering and harmonies are top-notch.

Ryan continues to maintain his signature sound and musicality across the whole album like it was easy…it’s not, he’s just too good.

“Crow Amongst the Sparrows” is a very accessible and emotional album that quickly envelopes the listeners once you press the play button…it’s relaxing, full and rich of emotional delivery, whether through Ryan’s heartfelt vocal performance or through the amazing music.

“Crow Amongst the Sparrows” is a must-listen not just to any fan of folk music…but to anyone who enjoys awesome melodies and great music.

We wish Ryan all the best in life, he definitely deserves it…and we can’t wait to see what comes out next from the artist.