Jay Littleton

A far-range sound of a closed chest lingering in the dark corner of the room, where you hide what you have lost. A closed chest since joining adulthood, abandoning what you’ve lived since you were brought on earth. A sensitive easily attached emotional child is awakened once again by the melodies of Cool Moon.

From Houston Texas, United States, the Alternative Rock Pop band ‘Cool Moon’ release their third album “Crossing the Finish Line” on June 3rd,2022 by Exotic Fever Records.

Cool Moon’ describe their music as “Think of your favorite 90’s movie soundtrack, the one that made you want to start an alternative band of your own

Crossing The Finish Line’ begins with a heartfelt emotional and a bit of psychedelic mono keyboard tunes in a track titled ‘Winter’. A track which by the intro pulls you through the album and grabs anyone’s ear as it has something familiar with our souls. Maybe a long-forgotten favorite melody or something.

Also Andrea Lisi’s mesmerizing dreamy vocals, soft, yet powerful and emotional as it somehow felt akin to Amy Lee‘s vocal key and In emotional presence; generating solo melodies and catchy tones herself.

The whole album goes through multiple phases having the tacks binding Andrea Lisi and Pete Wisniowski’s cool groovy guitar riffs transmitting and levitating the tracks from Pop to Rock. As ‘Winter’ kicked off with a surprising riff right after the calm keyboard intro.

Also, the fusion of palm-muted riffs and octaves along with Dani Hernandez’s bass and Anthony Schillaci’s Drum lines is something worth mentioning. 

I liked the presentation of ‘Seep’ and how they changed tempos and upgraded pace and downgraded it on the same track and upgrading it once again forming a rhythmic swaying track giving a distinctive sort of tone.

The band‘s loud instruments were sometimes on a louder pitch than the vocals which often made it hard to define what is being sung. However, the band stated on their website “We enjoy keeping an upbeat attitude, playing music too loud to hear vocals.” Which could be the answer to the previous mentions.

The final track ‘Artless Heart’ is as dramatic as an Oscar-nominated teenage movie in the early 2000s. The intro is reminiscent and the verses are in perfect sync in all aspects. Also guitars and drums are adequate and aligned with the vocals in a professional manner.

All instruments are in complete sync, but sometimes it felt like the band mates were not on the same page while writing their music down. Perfectly aligned in tempo and pace, yet inadequate in sound; As instruments may have sounded heavier than the overall theme of the track, sometimes drums used too much crash cymbals along with guitar tremolo picking which gave a sense of heaviness to the tracks at some point compared to the vocal keys which drifted a bit from the band’s main genre. 

Did the band really drift away from their main stated genre? Tell us your opinion down below in the comments.