Pyramids on Mars hits again with another album release with a total of 9 tracks. ‘Cosmic Angels’ is an instrumental metal/rock album with no vocal line in any of its tracks. Now the first thing you might expect is boring, repetitive songs with no vocals or lyrics to sing along with, but what’s quite unusual about its sound, is how the guitar takes on the role of the vocals, singing its melodies and taking the lead without overshadowing the sound of the other instruments. A technique and a specialty that Kevin Estrella, the man behind Pyramids on Mars is famous for. Estrella’s style comes originally from his admiration for Yngwie Malmsteen, whom he decided to look deeper into and find more about his influences which led him to Bach, Vivaldi, and Paganini. His discovery of their sounds and techniques led him to adopt an approach of making his guitar sound like a violin or a harpsichord, leading him to new technical skills and developing a different approach to his instrument. The artist gives online on the style of playing violin melodies and sounds on the guitar, the different types of symmetrical scales like harmonic minor, Japanese, Phrygian, and others. Because of his uniqueness and vibrance of sound, the artist received recognition internationally with lots of his songs played on radio stations in the US, Canada, Europe, and South America. In this album, he focuses on the element of storytelling through the guitar melodies and motifs. The artist values the harmonic relationship and equality between the guitar, bass, and drums and how they don’t overshadow one another. The songs are very rich, and the sound has layers and textures that can almost be touched. Each song has a specific story behind it with a song title reflecting it perfectly which is also found on the band’s website, it’s intriguing and inspirational. Estrella was the one to record, produce, engineer, and master his previous 3 albums “Pyramids on Mars”, “Echo Cosmic” and “Edge of the Black”. He performed all the instruments on the album, with the help of drumming programs. It’s a sound you don’t want to miss, as Kevin mentions Pyramids on Mars really is music from the Mystical Red Planet”.