During the pandemic, a lot of artists came out of it with inspiration and get the time to soul search. Two neighbors created an album together “Casey Abrams & Sam Stokes,” they worked on it during the pandemic and went on an inspiring trip to create this album that is yet to be released on the 14th of August, 2022 “Conscious Stars.” They created a heavenly alternative folk rock music that will get you under the stars wandering off with the lyrics.

The album contains 9 heavenly songs that you can smell the mountains and the campfire of a lovely and well-spent night in nature. Each song is named after something special that has a special meaning that is described in the title with just a couple of words, when you play the song it will amaze you with the incredible music and song lyrics that are put to this pieces.

“Heart Of The Universe,” “Lady Lady Love Me,” “All My Friends Are Here,” “Moonlight Starlight,’ “Lost Lily,” “Mother Showed Us,” “Conscious Stars,” “Mountain Air,” and “You” are the titles of the songs in this album they created and took them 1 year to create. They all have a special and different rhythm to them that is filled with mother nature’s music. 

Both Casey and Sam have wonderful soft voices they added the base of the song with their voices that sets you in a calming mood, Their ability, and talent to get inspired through nature and innovate this music is an overwhelming talent that is found in unique artists that are grounded to the earth.

Once you start listening to this album, you’ll be addicted to how the music goes perfectly into your ears that soothes your mood. It is a perfect album for a night out around a campfire with your friends with a cup of hot tea and singing along all night with the music that will give the night a long-lasting love in the air.