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Today I’m reviewing Comprador’s new album, “Don’t Worry About It.” It falls under the Grunge/Alternative Rock genre. First time listening to the album, I was just amazed at how it revives that 90’s Seattle sound whilst giving it a fresh take. Just a whole album full of rock goodness!

Comprador, AKA Charlie D’Ardenne, is a non-binary artist with a career spanning over two decades, more than a dozen released solo records, and collabs with many artists. Even though they’re music veterans, they’re still bringing a fresh sound to the scene. 

The album is distorted and filled with heavy basslines. Drawing some influences from the likes of Alice in Chains, with the same dirty and raw guitar sound and the same angsty lyrics. The mixing of this album is impeccable! The track that stood out the most for me was “Premeditated in the First Degree”. The roaring drums mixed with the fiery angst made this track my favorite. If Kurt Cobain was alive, this would definitely be on his playlist. 

One track that I did not like very much was “Climb the Sky.” The vocals were too muffled for my liking, and I could not comprehend the lyrics. If “Dont worry about it” was released in the 90s in the height of Grunge, it would have been up there with Nevermind and Superunknown. 

All in all, I think the album exceeded my expectations of what a grunge album in 2022 would sound like. To perfectly embody the feel of the 90’s while still upholding the fresh trends of our time really puts this album in my top favorite Modern Rock albums. Despite being an adult, Charlie have the angst of a teen, which is primary in this genre. The talents of a seasoned musician and the angst of a rebellious teen pair well and create the unique sound that I heard in this album. Bravo Charlie!

Edited by: Viola Karmy