Credit: Alexandra Centanni

“Colin Stauber Live At Coke Studio” is a collaborative project between Colin Stauber with Coke Studio in Los Angeles, pioneering a new era in music production.

This exceptional collaboration has led to a musical journey consisting of nine meticulously crafted tracks. It introduces innovative music creations, establishing a new benchmark in the industry. While I typically don’t listen to acoustic music, I must admit, I appreciate it. The challenge with acoustic music lies in its clarity; any lack of chemistry between vocals and music becomes apparent to listeners. However, this is not the case with Colin Stauber. This Southern Californian artist is renowned for his work with Skrillex and Red Bull, earning a spot as a top 100 music artist. His music has graced esteemed platforms like Red Bull, MTV, LA Weekly, and Music Times.

Stauber, renowned for advocating positive change, continues to make a positive impact on his community through music. The lyrical themes are captivating, his voice is exceptional, and I admire the harmonies and the emotive delivery. Coke Studio introduces Coca-Cola’s creative venture into the music recording industry, providing artists with a platform to create and share unique musical experiences. It goes without saying that the album’s mixing and mastering are executed with professionalism.

“Colin Stauber Live At Coke Studio” is an album that can bring calm and tranquility to your daily routine. In the words of Jerry Wilson, a renowned music journalist, “Colin Stauber has made it his mission in life to harness the healing power of music to the best of his ability.” This album is now available on all streaming platforms. Grab your headphones and immerse yourself in the music!