The awesome Berliners ‘Cautionary Tales’ are disrupting the music scene with their latest album named after the band name.

Cautionary Tales consists of…

Will Marshall (vocals, keyboards)

Karl Weber (guitar, backing vocals)

Martyn Matthews (synthesizers, Rhodes, Hammond)

Taylor Mallo (bass)

David Binnie (drums)

Additionally, the band collaborates with Kyle Hussa-Lietz on guitars on their recordings and performances.

With roots in Aotearoa and New York City, the band is based in Berlin…taking influences from all around the world, cultures and time periods too extending from modernist poetry and electro to Greek mythology and back to alt-rock…it’s almost impossible to put a tag on Cautionary Tales’ musical genre…but you can put it in the awesome category easily…

The album is a treasure chest with 8 mesmerizing pieces of art within.

The music and vocals are on the heavy side, the drums and guitars are creating huge walls of sound, especially in their first song “Axoloti”…it’s an epic intro to the album and a pretty awesome heavy alt-rock song that is sure to keep you head banging and unleashing energy.

“Cautionary Tales”, the album, takes us through a rollercoaster of emotions with their songs…from the epic heavy intro song to their album, then onto a more subtle and melodic detour with “City Life”, a melodically rich alt-rock ballad song with strong anthemic presence.

The album plays with our energies…from one heavy-hitting riff epic to a subdued melodic musical to an anthemic performance…it is an absolute joy to experience the album, wondering where will the next song take us?

…one of the many examples is the sixth song in the album “No Funeral Blues”…with an enchanting warm analog synth intro…we’re instantly transported to a stunning world, never before experienced…a wonderfully rich soundscape indeed.

Cautionary Tales was released on 18 August 2023 by Siren Song Records and is not to be missed, It’s an epic hard-hitting journey with strong storytelling elements that extend into the lyrical and musical sides and also into the emotional performance of the vocals.

Wishing all the best to Cautionary Tales, can’t wait to be sucked once again into these intricate worlds that are created by these artists.