Chicago-based artist Sacha Mullin released his third solo album titled “Casino Wilderness Period”…with 8 tracks of high musicality and powerful melodies, Sacha is breaking new musical ground.

The singer/songwriter’s musicality is quite stunning and unmatched really…bending and fusing musical genres in ways that we didn’t think was possible…it’s alt-rock-musical-jazzy…this style was not there before Sacha made this album by the way.

An absolutely mesmerizing fusion like no other.

The album was produced by Todd Rittmann (of Drag City’s U.S. Maple and Dead Rider) and features backing vocals from industry heavyweights Emily Bindiger (Leonard Cohen), Judi Vinar (Bobby McFerrin), Annmarie Cullen (Mackenzie Phillips), and Mem Nahadr (Yoko Kanno)…the crème de la crème.

“Casino Wilderness Period” starts with a bang, with the song “Arranging Flowers”…it’s jazzy fusion energy is quite powerful and works perfectly with the contrast of Sacha’s iconic vulnerable and extremely emotional vocals…with huge backing vocal sections that feels more like an epic choir…the whole energy of the song keeps building up for an ultimate showdown between all musical elements of the song and ending on a very emotional and subtle note…and we’re in dire need of more…thankfully that’s just the first song…

Sacha’s musicality is quite iconic with his unique time signature and how he incorporates the vocal melodies, harmonies and lyrics with these out-of-the-box time signatures…

…not only that, but also musically, on the composition side of the equation, Sacha creates very unique jazz fusion compositions that are as unique as the polyrhythmic beats and fresh time signatures that you’ll come across…

That’s very evident in the song “Thanks.”…this is one song to experience unique ‘everything’…from the beats, to piano playing, to backing vocals, to lead melodies…’ everything’ is unique and uncopyable, if that’s even a word.

Sacha manages to continue giving the world a unique point of view to musical experiences throughout the whole album…no one songs kind of gives in, not at all, each one of the 8 songs are their own journey, yet connected to each other through Sacha’s musical soul of course, from where all of this musicality has grown into these musical masterpieces.

“Margaret” is one of the songs on the album that shows the wildly wide vocal range of Sacha…not just during the climax of the song, but throughout the whole song, it’s a very hard song to sing, but Sacha makes it look easy…it’s not, at all. The melodies here are super tasteful.

For the funk lovers out there, “Telepathy” is going to be your jam…a super funky and groovy experience with hints of avant-gardeness in it…and one song where Sacha’s vocal flow shines with some fast verses to perform…once again, making it look easy, but it’s not…you try it!

“Casino Wilderness Period” will easily find its way into your favorite and most listened to albums, it’s one album with many musical sides to it, appealing to any music fan across the world…go check it out right away.

Wishing Sacha all the best in the world, he surely deserves it…and much more.

We’ll keep this whole album on repeat till we get the next one, can’t wait for that.