These are some of the words that describe the epic album that’s dropped by the Orlando-based musical group Dial Drive…the album is “Burning Bridges”.

Filled with epic musical energy…it’s unfathomable.

“Burning Bridges” is the second album from Dial Drive…and it delivers to all audiences on any promise of musicality…it’s very melodic, very raw, very unfiltered…and it’s high octane, so get ready to be blown away with this one.

The album starts with “Wake Up”…this is a very powerful rock/punk song that really kicks up your energy center in the brain and just…gives you an instant boost…powerful guitar riffs, fast drum beats…fiery fast and huge vocals…this is just a musical tsunami!

The album maintains the energy with its second song too, “Falling Down”…it’s not fast, but its as powerful and as hard-hitting…

…one thing I absolutely love with the album is the fact that Dial Drive manages to keep on making catchy melodies and riffs…it’s unreal.

One of my top favorites on the album is “Death”…this is an instant hit.

Musicality is top-notch, the melodies are instantly catchy…and it’s also extremely anthemic…it should be experienced live on a huge stage with a huge audience…this is fire.

…the album continues to maintain the energy levels all across the album, whether the song is fast or not…the energy is there…and this is the staple of Dial Drive, making epic musical energy with whatever story they tell.

“Burning Bridges” is an epic heavy musical experience that is instantly mesmerizing.

…and to top everything we just said, Dial Drive is 3 people. Bye.

Jake LeDrew on guitar and vocals

Nate Durazzo on guitar and vocals

Billy Morrissey on drums

We wish Dial Drive all the best in the world, they deserve it…and a lot more, can’t wait to see what comes out next from this awesome musical group.