Bass, guitar, drums, and songwriting…all wrapped up in a one-man show, Atomic Bronco, an upcoming rising star all the way from Austin, Texas, USA…he’s one artist that should be on your rising star radar.

Atomic Bronco is the brainchild of one man only that does it all…the one and only Kyle Nuss.

Kyle released his second full-length album on the 14th of April 2023 and it’s an 11-track album that goes from the subtle to the explosive across all of his songs.

The album we’re talking about is “Bull In A China Shop”…and we can’t wait to share our reactions to this mountain of effort and talent.

Let’s jump right away and press the big green play button and give it a go…

Starting out with our first track “Default Settings”…an upbeat indie/rock song that sucks you in right away in the first couple of seconds, setting the tone of the album and the mindset of the artist…ear-catching melodies and a huge wall of sound musical production is the name of the game for this album.

Going into the second track “Get You Off My Mind”, Kyle takes it down a notch, still energetic though and upbeat, he continues to spit great melodies and catchy guitar riffs…with some synths thrown in the mix, perfectly subtle.

“Let It Go” is the third track of the album and Kyle is not slowing down…with a beefy and groovy bass line, Kyle starts this one out along with a drum beat that acts as the locomotion to move this energy train right ahead.

Drums go full throttle after a minute into the song and it’s perfect.

So far, Kyle has made sure to follow the indie/rock route and he’s making the album an absolutely enjoyable ride…

…he then mixes it up with the fourth track “Foolish Games” by going into a more downbeat tempo-ed song that is both nostalgic to the sounds of 70s guitars…yet comes with a modern twist…it made me feel like I’m listening to the featured songs in pulp fiction…this songs changes the dynamics of the album completely…making it an even enjoyable and diverse ride

…getting back to the upbeat indie/rock mood, Kyle takes us once again through his fifth track “In Your Shoes”…even though it starts out with a unique synth sound…I thought Kyle would go into electronic music territory, but he tricked me and I enjoyed this sonic trick…the track’s core is a classic sounding guitar riffs and huge sounding guitar chords.

“Lost” is the sixth track and once again it takes us on a sub-story within the album through a more indie/country territory with a slower tempo and a more acoustic-y environment.

The vocal melodies here will haunt you for some time…they are that catchy.

….going further into acoustic territory, Atomic Bronco takes us to the seventh song titled “Fly Away”…with the acoustic guitar taking the lead role and soul of the song, musically.

The vocal layering here is absolutely amazing, full and rich.

….with a return to the upbeat and distorted guitar realm we go once again through the eights song “Classical Conditioning”…at i’ll take this opportunity to share with you something I noticed…Atomic Bronco is really keen on crafting each bit of music, singing and lyric writing to reach its full potential and it’s very evident, just make sure to follow also the lyrics…you’ll be taken to new heights.

“Sky’s On Fire” is a 70s/indie/pop/funk song that has an iconic bass line. Once again, I feel like this is something that would perfectly fit in a Quintin Tarantino movie…an enjoyable storytelling song that could find its home easily in a Hollywood movie.

Atomic Bronco’s talent and ability to play multiple instruments are shown here, in full color and without a shadow of a doubt you will be amazed by how well he plays, composes and writes lyrics….and everything just works together perfectly.

For his tenth track, Atomic Bronco takes us on an indie pop/rock trip with “Nostalgia”.

…with hints of British indie rock music, Atomic Bronco creates a dreamy landscape with rock drums, airy guitars, layered voices and vocal lines…it feels like you’re listening to the song in the clouds…does that even make sense? It does to me.

For the last track in the album, Atomic Bronco decides to go with an indie/country song that is just his guitar and himself…it’s intimate, personal, emotional and acts as a ‘til I see again’ kind of song….it’s absolutely raw and just an extremely enjoyable and easy listen.

Atomic Bronco, Kyle Nuss…you’re an awesome composer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist…we can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in the future.

We’re wishing you all the best, you deserve the best.


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