The latest album by American Indie rockers Fjord Pony is called “Brights On” and it comprises 10 songs that are highly inspired by Classic Rock and British Rock bands. The band are known to take their music seriously, but not themselves, and that’s the spirit I love about them and what me enjoy this record. Let me break these 10 tracks down for you.

1- Always Right

Right off the bat, the band makes a statement that their music is heavy, melodic and riff-based yet somehow the song is written in a very percussive/rhythmic way. That balance of elements is what made it a real charmer for me. The vocals are strong and well-grounded; having just the right amount of nasality and distortion to make them reminiscent of your favourite 70s rock singers while still being for modern listeners and not-so-hardcore rock fans.

2- More Than A Name

This song has a leading bassline that makes everything sound extra dark and dramatic with the way it guides the rest of the instruments. The vocal processing and the piano accompanying the guitars give t a very 2000s feel, which fans of Alternative Rock and pop-punk will thoroughly enjoy. The more sombre nature of the song calls for darker (and at certain points) softer vocals, and so the vocalist delivers.

3- Driving The Moon

Combining the best of modern alt and indie rock elements while also channelling classic rock, this song feels like a crossover between Arctic Monkeys and Radiohead. You can’t simply call this an alt-rock track because it gave me so many different vibes with the backing vocals, the chilled verses, and the stompy drumming of the intro. The outro section had some amazing vocal harmonies which made me bummed that the song ended too soon and had me craving more of that sweet sound.

4- The Again

A ballad with clean guitars and more of those haunting backing vocals that are done in an airy head voice. I love how the overall mood of the song touches on the folkier and more country side of the band’s sound. The guitars are so creative and have a different flavour from that of the previous tracks, and this serves to prove how these guys have a great understanding of how tone matters. The vocalist also gets a chance to flaunt his breath control and supported/belted chest notes here.

5- Amethysts

Another fast, bass-heavy, and super-charged track. The rimshots that the drummer does during the verses and the vocal style feel like this song is taken out of an epic chase scene in the movie. The additional keyboard melodies give this song a very memorable vibe out of all the other tracks on the album.

6- Brights On

The track that gave the album its name…and I can clearly see why now. This song has all the soft spots of the vocalist, and he utilises them extremely well. The guitars play some palm-muted parts and the drums are more on-point than ever. The keyboard solidifies itself as an essential member of the band’s successful elements here, not just a gimmick or addition. This song has my favourite lyrics on the entire record too.

7- Dreams

All I’m gonna say about this amazing cover is that Stevie Nicks would definitely be proud if she could hear this terrific cover and the awesome vocal work that’s done on it. I really don’t have a single comment or complaint about their version of the song.

8- Year Of The Skunk

A fun and fast progression with playful lyrics and more of the amazing vocal harmonies from before. The piano has a major role in why I love this song too because it does some leading lines in the middle of the guitar work.

9- Lottery, Liquor and the Lord

Another relatively short track, but that doesn’t hinder its amazing melodic riffs in any way. This song has got the same alt and indie vibes but it leans a lot more towards the 90s than the 2000s, and that creates a great variety in the album. You could fit this track into the middle of a 90s playlist and no one would notice, and that’s just how well they channelled that era and its overall mood/vibe.

10- Close To The Bone

The album’s most progressive/technical offering. You could say these guys left the best for last, cause this one is their magnum opus for sure. They pour their souls out in the keyboard lines, the strong presence of the bass, and how present the drums were. The chord progressions are filled to the brim with heart-tearing emotions that get topped off in the end with a tight and soul-touching guitar solo that will have you repeating the song for days. I really love how each and every element from before gets some sort of representation on this track, making it an awesome closer to an amazing album full of variety and creativity.