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When is the last time you heard an organic sound with uplifting verses to sing along with? Look no further, ‘Breathe’ counts with upbeat, Celtic-rooted songs, bittersweet ballads, mellow tones, and rockin’ guitar riffs.

For Folk/ Celtic tunes and reconnecting with your inner Celt, try the track title ‘Breathe’ and ‘The Storm’. These are songs that take you places and on a journey to valleys of Acoustic/ Folk strings.

If you wanna kick off with acoustic, soft tunes, or if you are someone who likes to reminisce and soak up in sorrow but meaningful lyrics, go straight to songs like ‘The Overload’, ‘Somewhere’ or ‘The Finish Line’.

On the other hand, if you want something that smashes your eardrums and takes charge of your heartbeat’s speed, play ‘The Gods of Rock and Roll’ (of course) or ‘Smiling Eyes’. Songs that promise a lot of headshaking and bouncing at the beat of the drums.

Stellar Anderson, a Scottish singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, released her first solo EP in 2021, called The Book of Stellar Vol. 1. Eventually, it grew into a 10 track album ‘Breathe’ –her latest new album released alongside her band ‘The Stellar Anderson Project’, is a compilation of 10 Alt-Folk/ Alt-Country songs clocking in over 30 min.

The vocals are elegant, clear and feel very connected with the music. You can tell there is a strong relationship among the band members.

The Stellar Anderson Project came to be just as COVID’s lockdown ended in 2021. Somehow, each member knew each other and were somehow all already connected and ready to play music, with years of experience and passion for it.

The Leeds-based band sees the rest of 2022 sees the band continuing to play around the country and hopefully the globe to pass Stellar’s songs to many more enraptured audiences.

There is no better banter and banter anthem than the one that comes from Scotland. As if it was destined, The Stellar Anderson Project came together for a reason. The music they have created for ‘Breathe’ has left us holding our breath as we were listening to track after track.