Myke Toman

Simple yet powerfully effective, with its signature tracks played by amazing instruments these are the tracks from the album “Boundary Layer” by singer, guitarist, and poet Mark Winters, they reflect well the influence of his North American country, and invite us to listen to their local culture.

“Boundary Layer” is the second album of the Texas singer, released in March of this year. It has 8 tracks of 29 minutes and 49 seconds, filled with impactful and uplifting pop-rock, conveying a sense of lightness and positivity, influenced by Winters’ sound that works great and brings you all that potential energy.

Winters manages to put together a mix of poetry and music that touches the soul, creating pieces with absolutely amazing lyrics, making his emotional guitar accompaniment even more luminous.

After Winters sends you casual energy and boundless happiness through the opening track “Boundary Layer”, it completely changes the atmosphere in “Heartbeat” with a noticeable difference not only in the sound but also in the grim and heavy musical work, a more somber piece featuring artistic drum beats. for guitar. The two tracks are the perfect intro and duo to get into the album.

The following four songs will have you rocking along with soothing and sweet music. The way Winters conveys the music through it is amazing without the strong lyric poetry losing its function. The fourth track “Positive People” conveys the message that with every morning there is always a new day, accompanied by smooth guitar and calming drums.

The fifth track, “It Moves In You” is soft, strong, and all melodic, and the sixth track, “Signal,” invites you to dance to the beat, perfectly suited to a romantic dinner.

The final track “Swaying Tree” finishes the album in style, and showcases a different side of Winters in which you notice his ability to modify his vocals to give him a cinematic folk feel.

“Boundary Layer” is a great album that you can put on your playlist and listen to several times without even noticing because it will also keep you waiting for the upcoming works of Mark Winters.