Rock has been-and actively still-a huge part of musical history…it changed music completely…several times, over and over…and it keeps adding to music a lot of soul and life. 

Once again, a rock band comes along the way and puts their mark on the rock and music landscape…and with rock, the more you’re true and unhinged the more truly explosive force of power you become…and that is the essence of their song “Black Crosses In The Sun”. 

“Black Crosses In The Sun” is both the title of their debut album and also the second song in the album. 

Aurora By Noon is an Austrian band that breathes new life into heavy rock, led by bassist and music producer Markus Sumereder, Aurora By Noon are crafting huge anthemic heavy rock songs with soaring vocals, hard-hitting riffs, explosive drums beats and melodic bass lines. 

Coupled with amazing music production and relatable lyrics, Aurora By Noon are here to make their mark, disrupt the scene and make a name for themselves…

Speaking of names, let’s get to know the band members that are doing all of this amazing work…

We have the leader, producer, songwriter and bassist, Markus Sumereder, with a huge catalog of works, many musical projects and a wealth of experience in the field.

He’s the head of the spear on this project. 

On the guitars we have Adam Hayman from the USA, who is an extremely established guitarist that shared the stage with AAA stars including Carrie Underwood, Brad Paisley and many more. 

On the drums and all the way from Portugal, we have the awesome Alexandre Emidio, with a huge experience working with many bands from all over the world in his role as both running the “Almada Music Studio” and being the studio’s drummer too. 

The soaring Vocals of Bjorn Mehler adds to the already amazing talents in this power group. Bjorn if from Germany, having several hits and recognitions in major music publications under his belt. 

On the keyboard, we have the experienced pianist, composer arranger and sound engineer, the amazing Mark Brown. Mark worked on TV shows, released 6 albums and worked on over 100 projects. 

Adding to this amazing treasure of talents, we have the masterful mastering engineer Reinhard “Bux” Brunner. 

Since 2009 and Bux was churning out hit after hit, he is unmatched in his field. 

All of these talents came together to create a masterpiece…and they did with their album “Black Crosses In The Sun”. 

The album’s title song is the second one in the album and it is such a huge-anthemic-head banging experience that both sounds and feels amazing. 

“Black Crosses In The Sun” boasts top notch musicianship and production that is unparalleled…the recording and mixing qualities are up there with the best of them…

The band plays super emotional, whether it’s a subtle part or a huge raging riffing section, they play with all of their heart and soul and put 200% in what they are doing…which is creating art that gets people feeling and unlocking their emotions in a way or another. 

“Black Crosses In The Sun” is a masterpiece that needs to be heard and felt and is a highly suggested experience …go listen to it right away!

We wish all the guys in “Aurora By Noon” all the success in the world, they deserve it….and a little more. 

We will be on the lookout for your future albums.


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